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About The Project:

Being aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls when doing something new has a big impact on the experience you have when using the internet. In recent years, the alarming statistics surrounding online child abuse have raised concerns worldwide, with Nigeria being one of the countries facing significant challenges in this regard. As emerging economies like Nigeria experience a surge in internet usage, the risks of online child abuse have become increasingly prevalent. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) reports that Nigeria has one of the highest rates of online child abuse in Africa, with approximately 70% of Nigerian children at risk of online sexual exploitation. This project aims to address this pressing issue by providing education and empowering Nigerian students to navigate the online world safely.
Several factors contribute to the problem of online child abuse in Nigeria. Firstly, the high rate of internet penetration has made the online space easily accessible to children, increasing their exposure to potential risks. Additionally, the lack of awareness among parents and guardians regarding online safety exacerbates the vulnerability of children to exploitation. Furthermore, poverty and socioeconomic challenges place many Nigerian children in precarious situations, making them more susceptible to sexual exploitation and trafficking, which can be facilitated through the internet and social media.
Recognizing the urgent need for intervention, this project seeks to educate 1500 students from secondary schools across Nigeria on ways to stay safe online, report incidents of cyberbullying, harassment, or exploitation, and foster responsible digital citizenship. By equipping young individuals with age-appropriate information sources and materials, they will become ambassadors and peer advocates within their communities, spreading awareness about the importance of online safety.
The project's primary goal is to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and their peers from online threats. Through interactive workshops, presentations, and engaging activities, students will learn about the various forms of online abuse, including cyberbullying, grooming, and exploitation. They will gain insights into the potential consequences of online misconduct and the impact it can have on their mental health and overall well-being. Moreover, the project will emphasize the significance of reporting any instances of online abuse to trusted adults, authorities, or helplines. Students will be educated on how to identify signs of abuse and will be provided with the necessary resources to report incidents promptly and effectively. By encouraging reporting and ensuring that students feel supported and listened to, the project aims to create a safer online environment for Nigerian children.
Additionally, the project will focus on promoting positive online behavior and responsible digital citizenship. Students will be encouraged to be good netizens by respecting others' privacy, avoiding sharing personal information with strangers, and engaging in respectful and constructive online communication. By instilling these values, the project aims to foster a culture of online safety and mutual respect among Nigerian youth.

Project Objectives:

The objective of the project is to educate secondary school students, on ways to stay safe while online, how to report incidents of cyberbullying, harassment, or exploitation, and how to be good netizens. The project also aims to equip the students with age-appropriate information sources and materials to become Ambassadors and Peer Advocates in their communities. The project seeks to address the high incidence of online child abuse in Nigeria, by increasing awareness, improving knowledge and skills, promoting a positive attitude towards technology, and enhancing the classroom environment.

Expected Project Impact:

• Increased Awareness: By educating students, teachers, and parents, we aim to raise awareness about online child abuse and its potential risks.
• Improved Knowledge and Skills: Through workshops, handouts, and online resources, we seek to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants, enabling them to navigate the online world safely.
• Positive Attitude towards Technology: By promoting responsible internet use, we aim to cultivate a positive attitude towards technology and its potential benefits among students and their communities.
• Enhanced Classroom Environment: Creating a safer online environment will contribute to a more positive and productive classroom atmosphere, fostering open discussions and promoting digital well-being.

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